This company began in our kitchen.  

By far the most fun part of this journey for me, and there have been many, was standing in the kitchen surrounded by dozens of herbs mixing and blending and trying different combinations for flavor and effectiveness.  I felt like a modern day medicine woman, I was having so much fun!


Creating an herbal tea with hemp that not only tastes good but also delivers the potent benefits that my friends and customers were looking for took quite a bit of trial and error.


When I hit upon it, I knew I had it.  Everyone came over for taste tests and the vote was unanimous.  I had found the combo!  


We wanted to create a product that leaned on the herbal wisdom that has been used for ages and the incredible benefits that modern science is discovering about the active ingredients in hemp.  


That time spent in my kitchen was the most fun, but hands down the most rewarding part has been hearing the dramatic shifts from our friends and customers. 


My friend Stephanie called me shortly after agreeing to try our tea for a week, and she was pretty shocked.  She confided that she has never been a tea drinker, and this had fully converted her!  Immediately it replaced her sleeping medication and she was now sleeping peacefully through the night without waking up feeling stressed!    It has now been about 6 months, and she drinks it religiously in the evening every night. Not only does she actually enjoy it, but it dramatically reduces her anxiety! 


We hope that our products have a positive impact on your life and your health.  


We are having a blast researching and designing new products, stay tuned for what’s coming next!


Here’s to your vibrant health,

Cara & the team